Im April 2011 wurde im Vorfeld der Messe Index die neue Allianz zwischen Joa und Bikoma offiziell bekannt gegeben. Dazu erschien u.a. in der Fachpresse folgende Mitteilung:

Hygiene production machinery supplier Curt G. Joa has become the majority shareholder of fellow, Germany-based equipment maker Bikoma, effective April 8. Additionally, Bernd Goebel has increased his existing shareholder interest in Bikoma. This alliance is expected to further strengthen the Joa umbrella by expanding its range of hygienic and specialty machine offerings while enhancing the presence of both companies for the global market.

Gene Kiela, Joa president, said that the Joa family, board and management team are very pleased to join with Bikoma, a company with a history that also goes back to the 1930s, just like Curt G. Joa, Inc. which was founded by Mr. Kiela's grandfather, Curt Joa, in 1932. "We are both companies that are known for innovation, reliability, and quality in the industry. Mr. Joa was originally from the Wurzburg area in Germany and as a young engineer he immigrated to the U.S. in the 1920s. The purchase of Bikoma, in a sense, takes Joa back to the European region in a significant way. We see that over the long term our customers will benefit from our alliance because our synergies will help us create new opportunities for all of our customers. A strategic focus for our combined company is to continue to nurture and develop the independent strengths of each of the Joa and Bikoma brands."

Bikoma will offer its existing program of lines for the hygiene industry plus its new program developed by the new alliance from its Mayen headquarters under the continued leadership of Mr. Goebel. Mr. Goebel is very well recognized in the industry and started working at Bikoma and has led the company since the mid-1990s. 

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