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DEDE 330 Light Incontinence Machine

The DEDE 330 platform is capable of producing multiple sizes of incontinence products with a fluff core. Machine highlights include:

  • Universal foam applicator – One unit for all sizes. No changeover, no format parts needed.
  • Product versatility – Multiple folding/wrapping options as well as perfume/lotion application.
  • In-line, multi-color printing – Cost-friendly printing option, utilizing water-based ink and up to three colors and patterns.

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Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

Design Speed


Meters Per Minute

Machine Features

Universal foam applicator (one unit for all sizes)

Perfume/lotion application

In-line multi-color printer

In-line vision system

Visualization with evaluation of production data

Product Features

Tri-folding or single-wrapped products

SAP application

3D core

Dual-fluff core

Acquisition layer


Machine speed – 800 products per minute

Can meet CE/NFPA/OSHA compliance and regulations

85dBA capable