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FSP 50/60 Bagging Machine

The fully-automated FSP 50 and FSP 60 machines fill and seal for packaging sanitary napkins, panty liners or similar products in PE bags. The independent servo drive allows for connection to any production line on the market or as an extension to the Bikoma models.

  • Turning station – Optional 90° turning station for ultra-thin, three-folded products.
  • Extendable bag carousel – Allows for at least 4,000 bags and production up to two hours without refilling.
  • Automated bag changing – Fully-automated bag changing without reduction of speed.

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FSP 50 Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

FSP 60 Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

Machine Features

Control System

    • Servo drive – Lenze/Allen Bradley
    • PLC – Siemens/Allen Bradley

Extendable bag carousel for 4,000 bags or more

90° turning station for ultra-thin, three-folded products (optional)

Adjustable speed

Automated bag changing without speed reduction

Long-lasting sealing bar (last up to 10 times longer)

Patented welding system

Compression unit


Machine speed

    • FSP 50 – 50 packs per minute
    • FSP 60 – 60 packs per minute

Can meet CE/NFPA/OSHA compliance and regulations

85dBA capable