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DEDE 186 SW Coffee Filter Machine

The DEDE 186 SW two-path machine produces coffee filters designed with a finger-lift tab for easy opening. Some of the machine highlights include:

  • Wave-cut procedure – Reduces material required by cutting waste up to 20 percent.
  • Material reservoir – The moved mass is perfectly equalized and the web tension is controlled by the torque of a servo motor.
  • Special stacking system – Ensures the accuracy of the counted stacks as well as the precision of the stacking.

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Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

Machine Features

Fully servo driven

Wave-cut procedure

Automatic transfer to packaging machine

Adjustable stack count

High cutting and crimping capacity

Product Features

Double crimping

Material reservoir

Finger-lift tab


Machine speed – Two-path machine up to 4,000 products per minute

Can meet CE/NFPA/OSHA compliance and regulations

85dBA capable