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DEDE 330 Meat Pad Machine

The DEDE 330 platform is capable of producing various sizes of tray pads used in the packaging of meat and fish. Machine highlights include:

  • Fully-automated festooning – Optional feature for automatic unwinding of material.
  • Multiple product sizes – Trays pads available in multiple lengths, widths and thicknesses.
  • Auto-splicing – The system can splice the material rolls without stopping the converting equipment.

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Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

Machine Features

Metal detection

Fully-automated festooning (optional)

Automatic splicing

In-line vision system

Product Features

SAP with fluff

Pattern embossing

Waste marking


Machine speed – Up to 800 products per minute

Widths – ?

Lengths – ?

Thicknesses – ?

Can meet CE/NFPA/OSHA compliance and regulations

85dBA capable