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S700 Machine Nursing Pad Machine

Our S700 machine produces high-quality nursing pads important for the health of women and babies. These pads prevent infections, inflammations and the intrusion of bacteria. Some machine highlights include:

  • Revolutionary forming station – With forming times of at least 800 ms under high pressure of 2,000 N, a stable and form is ensured.
  • Configurable – Available in multiple sizes, compositions and designs.

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Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

Machine Features

Fully servo driven

Camera control system

Collector enabling double the production

Product Features

Fluff core with tissue layer

Fluff core with two tissue layers and SAP

Fluff core with airlaid layer, with or without SAP

Airlaid core

Single or double silicone tape

Products available with or without nipples

Individual wrapping

Two pads in one individual bag

Multiple product sizes


Machine speed – 500 products per minute

Sizes  ???

Can meet CE/NFPA/OSHA compliance and regulations

85dBA capable