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Upgrades & Retrofits

We offer a large modification program for all Bikoma machines as well as machines of other manufacturers. Our modifications can be easily integrated as an independent unit in every type of machine.

For manufacturing a new product on an existing line, we develop the format change parts. Whether you need upgrades to servo-drive technology, integration of camera systems for product monitoring or printing systems for individual design features, we will implement your requirements specifically for your machine.

The following modifications are part of our standard delivery program:

Baby Diapers

  • Elastic ears/side panels
  • Upstanding cuff
  • Frontal tape
  • Elastic waistband
  • Drum forming
  • SAP application

Sanitary Napkins/Panty Liners

  • Drum forming
  • SAP application
  • Cut and place systems
  • Tri-folding
  • Print units for multi-color printing
  • Flexi-wings
  • Additional material layers

Please contact us with any production ideas that you have.